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Snow White and the Huntsman
Saw Snow White & the Huntsman and all I can say is...meh. Not a great movie, not a good one, not even a truly bad one, just meh.

Some parts were good--the queen for instance was really creepy. Some parts were painfully bad--Snow White's attempt to rally the army to fight the queen for instance *cringe*.

A big problem with it was that it was ripping a lot off of other movies--which isn't necessarily a bad thing mind you, genre conventions being what they are, overlap is inevitable anyway and if it can be done interestingly or effectively than I don't really see it as a bad thing. But Snow White really didn't use the ripped off moments effectively or in a particularly interesting manner :/ 
The movie started out interesting, but once it transitions from the dark forest into the fairy-filled forest it became an ungainly mish-mash of movies. Seriously, as I watched it I kept thinking "okaaaaay, there's some Disney melting into Princess Mononoke, and hey, let's throw in some Lord of the Rings for fun, but I swear if someone says 'they're taking the princess to Isengard!' thing's are gonna get ugly" *sigh* Like I said, I don't have a problem with borrowing from other sources, but it needs to be interesting or at least effective in furthering the story/emotion of the story--and that really wasn't happening in this film.

I really can't say much for Kristin Stewart's acting either. She had moments that were good, but a lot of the film felt like watching Kristin Stewart playing Bella Swan who got lost in the wrong movie. : (


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It could be worse I suppose...he could be lost in a world of Mary Sues o_0

You just made a certain villain smile evilly.

Be afraid! Afraaaaaaaaaid!

Loki-You will be trapped to love a Mary Sue...forever!

Thor: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO---wait, what?

Snow White 2 is being discussed.

Poor Thor.

O_O >_< o_0 I have no words. The horribleness of that possibility is shutting down my thinker-thingy. @_@

WHo would you have cast instead?

I'd have picked Alison Brie, who is a much more accomplished actress.

And I'd have written a better script.

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