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Saw this on Tumblr and thought it would be fun.

DIRECTIONS: Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions - once you’re done, tag 10 followers.

  1. FIRST SONG DESCRIBES HOW YOU DIE: Wild Seeds by Healther Alexander...there aren't any words, but it's a traveling song so maybe traveling is how I die? o_0?

  2. SECOND SONG DESCRIBES YOUR LOVE LIFE: Hunting the Wren by Heather Dale. I'm a terrible rake and an alcoholic? o_0

  3. THIRD SONG IS PLAYED AT YOUR WEDDING: This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas. Ok, that's actually creepy because if I ever got married I'd like a Halloween wedding, so it is entirely possible that this would play at my hypothetical wedding.

  4. ADD ‘IN MY PANTS’ TO THE TITLE: 'Til the Sun Comes Up (Nil Se'n La) in my pants....ok, that one's kinda funny XD

  5. FIFTH SONG IS PLAYED AT YOUR FUNERAL: 99 Luftballons *hysterical laughter*

  6. SIXTH SONG IS YOUR THEME SONG: You're my Best Friend by Queen

  7. SEVENTH SONG PLAYED WHEN YOU THINK OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE: Justicia, Tierra y Libertad by Mana...well, I do love a lot of people who are into social justice...

  8. ADD ‘WITH A SHOVEL AND A SCREWDRIVER’: Come a Little Bit Closer with a shovel and a screwdriver *hysterical laughter*

  9. NINTH SONG DESCRIBES YOUR WEEK: Suite from "Restless"; Willow's Nightmare/First Rage/Chain of Ancients from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Um. Ack. Please no.

  10. TENTH SONG PLAYED WHEN YOU MISS SOMEONE: Harden  My Heart by Quarterflash. o_0?!

WTF ipod. o_0'


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